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The shop is open, You can now order your Steamer.

Production has been delayed because of the current situation but work is starting up again, my workshop is next door and I now have all the necessary supplies. You can order at this time by clicking on "Shop" or the image above.

Colissimo (the French postal system) is working although it is slowed down, deliveries will probably take a bit longer than usual. Thanks for your patience!

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Secrets of flavor and health

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There are no holes in the bottom of the pot, that's precisely what's so special about this type of ceramic steam cooker: The juices are saved inside! A pure broth containing only the flavors and nutrients extracted by the steam, all of which are lost in a traditional steamer.
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le Steamer is not a new invention.

original chinese steamer

In the town of Jianshui, during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, a potter by the name of Yang Li created a ceramic steam-pot with a hollow tube in the middle. This special design made possible the preparation a unique medicinal soup...
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