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What goes on inside a Steamer?

During the cooking process steam rises from the boiling saucepan through the central chimney into the steamer. There are no holes in the bottom of the pot so all the juices are saved inside! This allows you to season with herbs and spices if you wish but most importantly, saves all the nutrients in a pure and delicious broth extracted by the steam.

iron red steamer lid on

The Steamer shop is Open!
Le Steamer is made entirely by hand in limited quantities. You may order a model in stock and it will be shipped within the week. Other models are being made and will be in the next firing.

If the size and color you prefer is not in stock you may still order, your selection will be shipped as soon as it is ready. You'll be notified when you order of the aproximate shipping date. maximum delay is 5 weeks (usually much less)

tricolor steamer lid to the side

New Steamers coming soon!

blue steamer on saucepan

New Steamers are in stock or are in the process of being made! Please see the product page for the quantities available. if the one you want is not in stock feel free to order nonetheless. The Steamer of your choice will be in the next firing planned for late June.

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