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The Steamer Shop is now OPEN

When you order a model in stock it will be shipped within the week. All other models are in the process of being made. When you order you'll be notified of the aproximate shipping date. (maximum delay is 5 weeks, usually much less)

le Steamer is made by hand in limited quantities

Production at the "Terres de Chabrouillas" pottery studio is entirely hand made. Mostly thrown on the wheel, certain pieces are unique, others like le Steamer are made in small series. If the size and colour of your choice is not in stock, the Steamer you want will be made to order.

See the TV short subject (in French) on FR3 "Météo à la carte"
For more details on the potter and his workshop : Laurent Merchant, ceramics

An independant Internet still exist !

le-steamer.com is a static website, it does not collect your data and does not leave cookies in your navigator. This is a deliberate choice on our part.
In an effort to stay independant of the large platforms and to maintain the ideal of a free and more sustainable Internet, this site no longer provides on-line payment. Payments are now accepted by bank transfer only. To order, make your choice in the Steamer Shop, note the details of your favorite Steamer, then just contact us to complete your order.

iron red steamer lid on

What goes on inside a Steamer?

During the cooking process steam rises from the boiling saucepan through the central chimney into the steamer. There are no holes in the bottom of the pot so all the juices are saved inside! This allows you to season with herbs and spices if you wish but most importantly, saves all the nutrients in a pure and delicious broth extracted by the steam.

tricolor steamer lid to the side